IC Design Services B.V. develops analog modules for ASICs and offers consultancy services. It is focussed on low power and robust IC designs in challenging technologies and has over 20 years of experience in analog mixed signal and RF CMOS design.

SoC forces more and more functionality onto a single chip, therefore design projects now frequently require the presence of specialized experts in fields such as analog and RF design. As the number of components on a chip increases exponentially, it becomes difficult to find the engineering resources to design all the circuitry. 

The trend toward design for manufacturing (DFM) also creates more demand for design services. DFM requires designers to be intimate with the peculiarities of the foundry's manufacturing processes. 

To solve these problems, semiconductor companies frequently outsource pieces of their projects, in order to bring their projects in on time and on budget and they do not incur ongoing personnel overhead when times are tough.

IC Design Services B.V. might be the all-important grease that keeps your semiconductor design from grinding to a halt. 

IC Design Services B.V.